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We are primarily a health focussed practice, which means we do all we can to prevent problems and keep your teeth as nature intended. Whenever treatment is required, we advise the least destructive methods, utilising the latest innovative techniques.  We also provide cosmetic treatments to achieve a great smile, but always staying true to the ideal of conserving as much tooth structure as possible. Here are some of the commonest treatments that we are asked about.

Crowns and Veneers


Occasionally, a tooth is so badly broken down, or the appearance is poor , that it requires a dental crown or veneer. Metal free crowns give the best aesthetic result for front teeth, whilst back teeth often require the additional strength of a metal under-structure.

Gum Treatments


Sadly, gum disease remains one of the major causes of tooth loss. It is largely a preventable disease, but often is overlooked as it is a hidden disease, without many signs. The dentist, hygienist and you can work together to limit the damage caused by gum disease, and prevent tooth loss. Research over the past few years has shown strong links between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes and many other problems; this means that maintain a clean healthy mouth is crucial to your overall wellbeing.


Root Canal Treatment (RCT)


RCT aims to retain your own tooth in the event of the nerve dying/infection around the tooth. The alternative to RCT is extraction and the subsequent replacement of the missing tooth. RCT takes  longer than a normal filling and uses some highly specialised equipment, but is usually a very successful way of keeping your own tooth.

Replacing Missing Teeth


Adhesive bridges, using an adjacent tooth to hold  a porcelain replacement can be an ideal way of replacing a missing tooth, often without the need for any drilling at all and often can be a means of replacing a denture.

We do not place implants in the practice, but refer patients to a local specialist. Implants are regarded as the gold standard in replacing a missing tooth, but they cost around £3500 per tooth.

It is for this reason we help you to keep as many of your own teeth as possible, offering simpler and less costly solutions.

Tooth Whitening


We use an in-home whitening system to gently, simply and safely whiten teeth, giving great long- lasting results in a couple of weeks. Tooth whitening is becoming ever more popular, call for your free consultation to see if whitening is for you. Please be aware that whitening is only legal if carried out by a dentist/ dental professional. Being tempted by a tooth whitening clinic/internet offers etc could put you at risk of infectious diseases from non-regulated, illegal practice.

whitening root_canal gum-disease

Replacement of amalgam fillings


We now use tooth coloured filling material (composite) routinely, avoiding the use of amalgam wherever possible. Not only do these look better, they are metal free and are less destructive than amalgam.



It has been shown that simply applying a fluoride gel to the surface of a tooth every 3- 6 months can assist in the prevention of dental decay and is especially useful for our younger patients. It can be carried out by our dentists and therapist in a few minutes.

amalgam and white fills
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